In the Magician’s Nephew C.S. Lewis describes the previously dark heaven of Narnia and the appearance of all the stars in it as ‘a thousand points of light’. That term was then later used by George H. W. Bush in his Presidential acceptance speech as he likened the clubs and volunteerism of America to “a brilliant diversity spread like stars, like a thousand point of light in a broad and peaceful sky”.

Now imagine for a moment that you reached up to the sky at night and swooshed your hand and caught a handful of those stars and you put them into a jar, or a glass globe. You stare in amazement at all those points of light. You feel their energy. You see how they interact. As if they were somehow unique, yet connected.

In Empire Longevity we see LONGEVITY as a thousand points of light. Your nutrition. Your motion. Your emotions. Your finances. Your love. Your passion. Your education. Your profession. Your fun. Your children. Your reading. Your faith. Your environment. A THOUSAND points of light.

Now imagine those thousand points of light. And they are ALL connected! They are connected because they are parts of YOU. Just as your nervous system connects YOU to YOU, and YOU to the WORLD, these thousand points of light, these thousand points of YOU, are ALL connected.

Although rocket fuel (nutrition) is important, although motion (exercise) is important, although mindfulness (meditation) is important – but so is the time you spend laughing with your friends over a cup of coffee. So is great sleep. So is taking time off from everything to reboot.

This is why in Empire Longevity we see it so necessary to dive into ALL of those thousand points of light because they are ALL a part of not only your living, but of your BEING ALIVE! Alive with the energy, the interaction, and the amazement of how all those points of light, those points of you are so intricately connected. And we need to make sure they stay that way.

We would love for you to come along on the fascinating journey we call Empire Longevity. We think you will be as amazed as we are.

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