Having just gotten off the phone to learn that a friend of mine passed. He was only 57. COVID was the term scrawled on the toe tag. 

And with that news I can not in any way emphasize just how important it is for you take the time to make your health the absolutely biggest priority in your life.  

Yes, the job is important. Yes, the kids are important. Yes, the spouse is important. Yes, the friends are important.  

But if you are not at YOUR best, none of those other areas can be also. You have heard me say many times before that I DON’T CARE how many zeros you have in the bank account, how many houses, cars, or toys you have. If you are not healthy enough to enjoy all of that, then what is the purpose of having them? 

Yes, you getting healthier will be different. It will take change. It may be hard. And so what.  

Do you know what the biggest gift your friends, your family, and I want from you? It’s easy: One more good day. All the rest is just window shopping. Today. Start today.