Many people easily understand a battery being low when the remote control for your 58 inch super hi def, 7K ultra color surround sound TV makes it difficult to actually enjoy what is on the screen in between the incessant slapping of the remote as if we are reviving it in some kind of multisensational Heimlich maneuver, or the nonstop pressing the buttons even harder when the channels don’t change like we are tutoring the weekend CPR class at the Moose club.  

When is YOUR battery low? Not when you think you need that extra cup of jack to perk you up in the afternoon, but when your battery is low that emotions are no longer just emotions, they become polar ends of low lows or high highs, and you have the chronic sniffle, ache, sore, digestive problem, and the sleep just don’t cut it anymore because no matter how much you do, the tank just never gets replenished.  

These are classic signs that you are about to crash. I see this in my Chiropractic office almost daily – especially now. We see people who are beat, beaten, and dragging. Sometimes physically, usually emotionally.  

The first thing to do is recognize the state you are in – and get the reboot, or at least schedule a recharge in the very near future. I mean I get it. When my Father was in the hospital for 14 days I may have gone to bed, but I didn’t really sleep.  

The second thing to do is make sure you don’t get to that point. Just like Smokey Bear says ‘It is easier to prevent forest fires. You should prevent YOUR forest fire. Schedule battery recharging time. If you are scheduling the kid’s games, conferences, tax season, and family trips, then you also need to schedule recharge time. It costs nothing to do. Maybe a simple long weekend with a number of walks out in nature, some super health rocket fuel, and some high-quality sleep time.  

This is what the people who live the longest do. Let’s follow their example.