Let’s pretend for just a moment that you and I are in a friendly competition to do something for our health. So we decide that we will each lose 20 lbs. Not something you can do over night and it will take some thinking, planning, and sustained action.  

Cool. Let’s do it.  

You and I both follow the eating plan we had set out. You and I both are in the gym on our scheduled days and hold each other accountable by posting our workouts counting the reps, sets, miles, stretches, everything of our workouts.  

We post our weight on line to each other and it is pretty obvious early on that you are losing the weight much faster than I am. I inquire to you just how this is happening and you reply “I don’t know, it just is”. By the end of 2 months you have easily reached your goal. I am perplexed but keep pushing on and finally the 20lb mark is reached well into the 4th month.  

The question we get often is “How long will it take for me to be…..?” and you can fill in the blank with whatever your goal is. And the most honest answer I have for you is – it will take just as long as it does take, as long as you keep on the plan, the schedule, and the path. Veering off the plan, schedule, and path WILL, for a fact, make it longer, no question.  

You and I are different. Ages. Sizes. Shapes. Mentally. Physically. And we have different health histories. So give yourself the time to not only GET healthy, but to BE healthy. You will SO glad you did.