A key aspect of our health is the understanding that we are all connected. Our bodies is connected to our body, which might sound 8 times crazy, but for decades a major medical mantra was that the brain and body were not connected.  

Although it is obvious even to a 3 year old as the child can confirm that your brain and body are connected by using a high tech piece of equipment like a mirror, we still use terms like ‘mind-body connection’ to this day as some form of higher thinking insight.  

Of course our brain and body are connected. Skin connects them. Blood vessels connect them. Muscles. Bones. And of course, the biggest conduit, gatherer, and relay for information mankind has ever seen: Your nervous system.  

Understand this: There are 100 Billion neurons in your brain, with 100 to 1000 trillion synapses in your brain with each one firing off a piece of information every second. Amazing. And that information then is blasted down your spinal cord at an estimated 270mph. The spinal cord at its’ widest part is only the size of your thumb – yet it carries an immense amount of specialized and diverse information all at the same time. Just imagine this: you are listening to this, while watching a video, all the while you also hear the heating system, and your digestive system is scrutinizing your lunch for any and all functional material it can use to make you GO, AND you are tapping your foot, feeling the chair seat on your bottom, while your hand holds the mouse, and the incredible immune system fights off the estimated 60,000 germs daily – that is 2500 bugs an hour – all the while conducting the most intricate symphony EVER: YOU.