Could you ever be one of the Flying Wallendas? That family who has for decades made us all look up into the heights and marvel as they would walk across a wire hundreds of feet in the air without a safety net. Crowds gasped as they slowly and surely put one foot in front of the other as they made their way from one end of the wire to other.  

How do they do that? A great balancing act no doubt, but also an incredible training of their body, their muscles, their focus,  and nervous system to allow themselves to do that.  

When we talk about MOTION in Empire Longevity, of the five aspects, cardio, power, flexibility, balance, and posture, the BALANCE portion can easily be worked on daily, with little to no cost associated with it. We don’t push our sense of balance as adults as we did as kids. The 4-8 hours daily of either sitting in front of the computer or the TV has decreased that sense, and no longer made into the hierarchy of needs – well, right up to the point where we find ourselves bumping into walls, chairs, and then taking a few shuffles as we walk, and then a few more shuffles as our body says that we are not secure enough to actually take our feet off of the ground to walk.  

Please – do not allow yourself to get to that point. In your daily MOTION, be it walking, running, row, cycle, swim, – whatever – add some balance training. Walk with a bag of clothes outstretched on one side of your body, stand with one foot off the ground an inch, then try the other foot.  

We will add some balance work videos for you, and we will have some guests talk about how vitally important this aspect is. As many Americans take a supplement to strengthen their weakened bones in the fear of a fracture after a fall, Empire Longevity looks to help you NOT to fall, and then increase your sense of independence as you are able to be more mobile.