Amongst the everyday deluge of the seemingly incessant messages of even bigger parts of the healthy sky falling to the ground is the intentional vacuum of how just incredible YOUR body is. You are regularly bashed over the head on how bad THAT bug is, and the NEXT one coming could be even worse when all the while not a peep on just how you and I, our species, humankind even made it THIS far in viral and virus history.  

To be straight, we are not going to out maneuver a virus. They can adapt, replicate, and spread quicker than we can capture, synthesize, and trace. THAT is what a virus does.  

But we have a secret weapon. That is our immune system that has for millennia been able to meet, defeat, and repeat a cycle of even greater adaptation. How do I know? Because you are reading this. Humans across the globe will be reading this. And will be for generations to come. THAT is what our body does.  

Yes, some bugs are big and bad.  

So we have to be absolutely terrible hosts for them. By being SO healthy that the bug has no chance but to  not want to play in our sandbox.  

Cause THAT is what our body does.