Always get me down…. 

That line from one of the Carpenters songs from back in the ‘70’s could be the theme song for many people as many people see every day, occurrence, or occasion as something that is bad, or worse – is GOING to be bad.  

Have you ever been scared to do something, hesitant to move forward because you thought to yourself “THIS is going to be bad’? Well, sure, we all have. But there is a gigantic difference between an actual problem like an avalanche coming down the mountain at you, versus you being afraid to ski in case an avalanche comes down the mountain. Fear is the great inhibitor of progress. Of Life. Of living.  

Even as I record this we have a serious fear problem. The fear may stem from a virus, but the fear is self-generated. WE, you and I, create the fear by what we see, read, watch, and who we talk to, and more importantly, the talk we have with ourselves.  

I am not saying to put your head in the ground and pretend it is all sunshine and roses, that ALSO is illogical. But we have to take the time to approach our lives, our health in a consistent positive action that promotes US, our living.  

The noted biologist Bruce Lipton has a great quote that a cell in defense can’t grow. You cowering up under an emotional, chemical, or physical blanket ALSO can’t grow.  

So what do you do? You take action to make YOU stronger, better able to adapt, and frankly, you get pretty friggin healthy.  

Understand, there WILL be more rainy days, and more Mondays. But what if you had, you were, a magnificently strong umbrella against the storm? THAT would change things wouldn’t it? Yeah, so let’s start there. That’s why you are in Empire Longevity.