The old saying states that the best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is today. This saying can also be used to ask the same question about your longevity.  

When is the best time to plan on and start your longevity? Yes, 20 (or more) years ago. The second best time is today.  

We trip over the idea that no matter what age you are presently at, it is too late to start your longevity, and that just simply can not be further from the truth.  

See, the stark reality is that you and I have absolutely NO idea how long we have on this planet – NO IDEA AT ALL. None. We get some kind of ball park figure by the age are parents passed at and what the national statistics are for people our age, race, gender, etc, etc, etc are, but the stark reality is – we have no idea.  

I am not sure we can slow down the aging process and I have spoken on this many times, and will for years to come, but I am adamant we can push the gas pedal and accelerate it. So then what do we do to get back on our LONGEVITY plan? 

We start all over again. Every day.  

We make a plan that tomorrow I am going to do THIS type of exercise, I am going to drink 6 glasses of water, eat one only veggie meal, take 10 minutes to just stop and rest, (NOT think) and then make sure you get to bed 30 minutes earlier.  

Let’s break this down. Make the type of exercise you do walking. 20 minutes at a solid not fast pace. (check). The water is already in your house so just make a sticky counting back from 6. (check). Prep your veggie meal and have it ready for you – make it lunch. (check). Later at night when things are done you take 10 minutes for yourself and write down what you are grateful for. (check) Then you go to bed earlier. (check)  

And then you do it all over again the next day, with maybe some slight modifications and increases.  

Most people get overwhelmed with the immensity of LONGEVITY thinking that it is impossible to know when you are going to die, therefore, what’s the point and who cares. 

Well, frankly, we care. We always have. We would love to spend more time with you – not JUST time, but quality time, laughing, reminiscing, debating, discussing, and laughing some more. And then doing it all over again.