We have been tricked. We have been lied to.  

If we are to take a strong look back at American consumption of sugar 100 years ago we would see that the average American consumed about 4 pounds of added sugars in their diet, and that made up about 1% of their daily calories.  

And NOW you ask? What about now. Well, that number has changed just a little bit.  

To the number of 60 pounds a year. Americans consume 60 lbs. of added sugars a year now. 

Amazing is that our federal food guidelines – the ones who recommend what goes into school lunches, government-based programs, and food education – recommend 10% of your calories can come from sugar.  

So you get your veggies, fruits, carbs, proteins, and …. sugar.  

Unbelievably our government had the opportunity to decrease that number with their new, and updated guidelines. And they chose not to. Even after their science panel recommended that the allowable added sugars be decreased, our government chose to ignore that.  

If you want to get to the heart, or rather, the gut of the obesity, cardiovascular, and diabetes epidemics in America, you need not look any farther than the pockets of our federal food guideline makers who have lied to America, allowed America to be incredibly unhealthy, and denying obvious statistics. All the while turning a blind eye to the cascade of sugar related diseases. Just as long as we can enjoy the sweet stuff.