I had the great opportunity to speak with and interview Dr. Alan Goldhamer of the True North Health Center where they help people to destress, detox, and reclaim their health.  

They do it with fasting. YES, fasting. Water fasting. Not some kind of elimination diet or fad diet, they get to the core of your addictions – the main ones being sugar, caffeine, and all the bad stuff in processed food, and literally reboot your body to functioning even better.  

Fasting destresses the body by allowing it to not have to work at digesting toxins – well, what we call FOOD in America, and then allows it to reboot. There is a process that your body does called AUTOPHAGY – literally meaning ‘self-eating’, or even better ‘self-cleaning’. When you go into a fast your body has the incredibly opportunity to do a fantastic job of hunting for, finding, memorizing, and destroying bad, broken, or foreign cells. Fasting gives your body a bigger boost to do this.  

People feel lighter, mentally clearer, and those gut problems start to clear up. It really is amazing. I have fasted many times and look forward to it. Really the tough part is the first day when your body says “WHAT? I have needs too!” but they aren’t needs, they are those addictions I mentioned above. Once past that you realize you CAN live on no food, that you will not starve, and that you are going to be OK.  

If you are someone who has health concerns, then find a practitioner to guide you. And start with one day. The biggest hurdle you will find, and many people say this, is the mental aspect. Once past that – you will be amazed at what you can do and feel like.