We all have our favorite workouts and exercises and some of those we do for months or even years and never really change them, add to them, or increase the intensity or time. Just the same workout because we got some results years ago, or it is easy to do and THIS is the exercise we do.  

Well, we need to change that. For you to reach the LONGEVITY you are wanting, we HIGHLY recommend you incorporate the 5 Physical Aspects of Motion we talk about in EMPIRE LONGEVITY.  

This may be brand new to you. The 5 Aspects are: Cardio, which is broken into Short/Intense, and Long/Moderate, Power – that picking up and moving part, Flexibility, Balance, and Posture.  

We did all of these in gym class as school kids and have drastically limited this to maybe one or two of these Aspects as adults – and we have reaped the NON benefits of our limited MOTION.  

To be open – NONE of these needs any special equipment, you can do the cardio in your house or outside, the power aspect can be done with your own body weight, the flexibility and balance parts can be worked on at the same time with stretches, and even your posture – which I focus on in my practice can be at least allowed to not get worse with exercise.  

We have made specific videos on this massively important idea. Your MOTION is NOT just walking, or lifting, or swimming – and I recommend ALL of those. But your BEST MOTION, and therefore the BEST YOU, is made when incorporating all of these aspects daily.