Although most life insurance companies who are making policies for your life expectancy, use the number of 82 years as expectancy, the average female lives to 80 years, and average male to 75 years.  

Why ARE Men 5 years behind women?  

One reason is that men are MUCH more likely to NOT disclose their health status, or seek care for something and let it manifest until it becomes a ‘problem’. As Smokey Bear often stated in the commercials we watched in our childhood “It is easier to prevent forest fires than to put them out”.  There is a mentality that we need to work and provide for the family which means we don’t take care of ourselves so we can take care of our family. Kind of ironic isn’t it? The need to care for YOU while disregarding MY health. We see this even more in Moms. They put everyone on Earth ahead of them. As I say in my office, ‘Moms don’t put themselves on the back burner, they put themselves in that warming tray under the stove”. Moms nod in agreement.  

Another reason males check out earlier than females is what goes along with the ‘work for others’ mentality, is that once the kids are gone, and retirement hits, the male essentially has no one, no family group to protect and work for. They essentially have no one to work for, and they’ve got no reason to get up anymore, nothing to fulfill and the universe takes notice.  

This is where the definition of LONGEVITY in EMPIRE LONGEVITY comes into focus: 

“The act and intent of being SO healthy, we leave something great behind by what we have done today.” 

At first it is obvious from the definition that we begin with being as healthy as we can, to be as healthy as we can to then take part in life, so that we CAN leave something great behind. But that definition also touches on “by what we have done today”, meaning we have work still to do, things to accomplish, people to meet, places to see, and ultimately, something great to leave behind.  

It doesn’t matter if you are PRE-retirement, IN retirement, NOT EVEN CLOSE to retirement – that definition can be a beacon to help guide you as you ask yourself “What IS that something I want to leave behind?” Answer that question. And make it manifest.