I’ve often asked patients in my office “How long do you plan on being around? How long do you plan on living?” The answer would usually be eye opening and less than the American average life span. 

When asked how did the patient come up with THAT time frame, they would matter of factly say “I saw how my parents’ last few years were, and I don’t want to go out like that!” You could FEEL their heartache of them having watched a loved one decline as they stood by helplessly observing. 

When I asked one patient “What if we could help you to be healthier for longer, would you be interested in that?” Their answer, stone cold, “I don’t see that happening.”   

And here in lies the problem: their vision of their health in years to come.  

We have heard of people who were told they had THIS long to live – and passed away the exact month of that prediction. Like and ear wig that has burrowed its way into your head, that one message was allowed to dig deep into your psyche and was followed.  

And then there are the people who when given that same news say “Thanks for that information, but I am going to ruin your prediction!” and take steps to magnificently manifest a new vision of their next decades. Of their next BEST decades.  

Sometimes what we need is someone to shake us to see what our years can be.  

Sometimes what we need is a new mindset of how it can be done.  

Sometimes what we need is a new set of glasses to make the vision of our health even more clear.