If we were to take a deep look into how either of our two major political parties has an agenda for you and I, and the rest of the American population, you will see that there frankly IS NO agenda, there really is no plan on how to help more Americans to not only age, but to be productive in our LONGEVITY years. 

It is a stark political horizon for those of us over the age of 45. Both parties want the grey vote, knowing that this subsect of Americans does vote in large numbers, but besides have the political head spew the usual ‘Save Medicare’, ‘Save Social Securtiy’, and ‘Save Prescription Rights’. 

If we truly wanted to save Medicare, we would find ways that people would not need it. Yes, if we want to SAVE MEDICARE then we need to find ways that Americans won’t need it. And the only way is to get US, the U. S. healthier. Want to decrease overall health care costs – have no need for them. Get healthier.  

Social Security? The ONLY secure thing we have is our own health. THAT is Social Security.  

And as for saving prescription rights – same thing. Take steps today, do your best, find ways, ask new voices, new people, on how to get you off medications so you do not need them. Yes, I know – you will tell me that you HAVE to HAVE them – the Doctor said you have to have them. ALL of them? Kaiser Permanente, one of the largest heath insurers in America recently showed that the average American fills 15 prescriptions a year. Who gets healthier with 15 prescriptions a year? 

You want a political view – be so healthy that the impact you make blinds them.