The adamant focus of Empire Longevity from its’ meager beginnings has always been the concept and action towards LONGEVITY. We have made strides daily to bring you ideas, authors, and tangible steps for you to reach and relish in your own LONGEVITY. 

But there are somethings we need to NOT have longevity, and these same things we need to decrease our reliance on, and to find alternatives to them, and we need to do that today, well, two decades ago.  

The major culprit is plastics. IT. IS. EVERYWHERE. Everywhere all of the time. It is estimated that plastics can have a lifespan if you will of 450 years. NO ONE reading this today will be around when that bottle of water you are drinking from will no longer exist. No one.  

Although the plastic bottle, plastic wrapping, containers, and everything else that is plastic has made many things cheaper and easier to maintain, they have come at a cost, a cost that our children, or grandchildren will be paying. They didn’t make the mess. They just have to clean it up.  

And plastic is only the tip of the titanic sinking iceberg when it comes to the environment. The amount of toxic chemicals used daily not only in industry, but around the home is frightening.  

One of the sayings we have in Empire Longevity is “That it doesn’t matter if you are a Vegan Cross fitter, if you live in a toxic swamp, you will never reach LONGEVITY.” Well, we know that only a tiny fraction of people are vegan, and a tiny fraction of us are Cross Fit athletes, but ALL of us are headed to the toxic swamp.