In the everyday hustle, bustle, and hassle of what we call LIFE, it can be understood, and therefore misunderstood about the idea of YOU taking the time daily to care for yourself. YOU caring for yourself. A level of openness to you – I truly hope you become a raging fan of Empire Longevity, tell all your friends, and family, and they also become raging fans – but even if you read ALL the articles, watch ALL the videos, and follow ALL the podcasts, YOU still have to take the time to eat better, move better, and think better. YOU have to do that.  

And again, I get it that the kids have to be picked up from soccer, that dinner just doesn’t make itself, the house doesn’t miraculously clean itself – and did I mention the kids are at soccer practice? 

Understood. Yet, if we do not take the time today to exercise, to take a 15-minute mental break, and eat the rocket fuel – we will lose that time. As a core saying in Empire Longevity is: “You either put in the time NOW, or that time will be taken from you in the future. Which do you choose?” Yes, it really is THAT easy.  

We either put in the time to get and maintain our LONGEVITY life, or that same life gets taken from us with a never-ending parade of doctors’ appointments for a never-ending list of symptoms and health concerns.  

We either put in that time now, or that time WILL be taken from us in the future.  

To be straight with you – your kids and family don’t want the house, the vacation spot, the money.  Your friends don’t want THINGS from you. They all DO want one more good day with you. One more good day. Put the time in now so you CAN have those times in the future.