Day 34: Inhaling the Education 

It was not all that long ago that if you wanted to learn another language, learn a specific trade, or even to write a book, you would have to mail money and a letter to a company and weeks later they would send you your language course, your catalog for the new trade, or specific guidelines to write your book. And remember it took a week to get your pictures developed? I know!!! 

NOW?  Get out of it if it takes more than a few seconds to get access to any of those. SECONDS! We have seen the absolute speed and ease to which you get to and download nearly any information that you could want.  

So then why hasn’t the speed of reading gone up? Why hasn’t the comprehension of words, articles and books gone through the roof? Why haven’t our kids tested at levels sky high better than the parents? 

In all of this, a simple tool has been given to us – the ability and access to keep learning. It has never been SO easy to get to the information that you desire.  

Myself – I listen or read, I am a combo player on this one, I listen or read, or both, a book a week or 10 days. And it is incredible what can be read and heard in a few hours a day.  

With the massive outlet of YouTube we can literally watch a video on everything we have ever wondered about. I learned how to tie a specific knot for my ties, how to bake, and how to get more flexible. 

All of the information for us to be stimulated by learning more has never been so abundant and evident. It is RIGHT at our fingertips. One of the greatest tools you can have for your LONGEVITY is the ability to keep learning, pushing yourself, and the never ending path of being inquisitive. 

What have you always wanted to learn and just didn’t know how or where? NOW is the time. Get to it. Don’t just stroll into this new arena of learning and thinking – breath it deep and inhale the education.