We are doing it to ourselves you know. We get intently concerned by the stories and pictures of people who are intentionally hurting themselves. The trouble youth who cut themselves or lash out in physically harmful ways against their own being and society all at once is always a call for alarm.  

And if you knew people were intentionally, they had full intent and manner to hurt themselves, you too would be concerned. Correct?       

So why do we allow people to buy cigarettes? Why is that bullshit still even sold? Especially when it is very well documented that when using this product correctly it does cause addiction, it does cause lung cancer, it does cause death. Big tobacco years ago paid a mighty big bag of cash to settle lawsuits against them and they were not allowed to advertise on TV anymore, or to target kids. The bastards were targeting kids for stinkin sakes. That big payout and loss of the extremely beneficial TV promotions really hasn’t killed the smokes department of the local stop and shop, has it? 

And yes, Americans will purchase anything they find tasty even if the taste is fake, the color is fake, and the recipe has 13 words that are on the border of an alien language as they are undecipherable. Why are those foods allowed to be sold? NO nutritional factor whatsoever. And once again, when used properly will only lead to an unhealthier you. With the dramatic increase in sugar and sweeteners in everything from bourbon to breakfast cereals, Americans’ problem with the sweet stuff has become more than just a problem.  

We have the right to speak as we want, read as we want, and eat as we want.  But we also have the responsibility to do our best to be our best, to be our healthiest. They are killing us sweetly, and slowly. And we are helping them every step of the way.