A friend who is a welder was telling me when he is working on welding pipes, that the weld itself is actually stronger than the metal around it. And that the surrounding material will crack and fracture before the weld will.   

The same happens with broken bones: the healed area, the scar, is actually stronger than the surrounding bone, the ‘healthy’ bone.  

See, it is NOT that you are going to get out of life without a few ‘cracks’ or ‘scars. You won’t. Count on it. It’s not that you can make it into LONGEVITY without some cracks and scars. You won’t. Count on itAnd as much as we try to hide those cracks and scars so no one else can see them, it may just be those cracks and scars that make us stronger.  

Maybe, just maybe, we are stronger in those places where we are broken. And maybe, just maybe, we are stronger because of them.