Day 40: What are you working on? EVERYTHING. 

My friend Dr. Jeremy Brook was exercising on the beach one day, he lives in California where apparently that is a thing, he was exercising on the beach one day in a very difficult pose that pushed him to move, balance, stretch, elongate and tense his muscles all at the same time. A passerby stopped, wondered, and then asked, “what are you working on?” “Everything” was his answer. Everything.  

As we push YOU to move, balance, stretch, elongate, and tense, we truly hope to show you that you CAN do all the above, all during the same workout. Not only can you – in Empire Longevity, we think it is necessary. It’s a must. As a mantra you hear often, is that – THIS is what the healthiest people on Earth do. The people who not only are alive the longest, the LIVE the longest, being able to contribute to their families, their extended families, communities, and friends.  

Yes, it IS different for you. YES, it will be different for you as you incorporate Cardio, Power, Flexibility, Balance, and Improved posture into your daily workout. Amazingly is that you probably do some of this already, but most likely not as consistent or consciously as you should. No increased financial costs. Maybe more time input. But the outcome – a better OVERALL YOU – well, THAT is the greatest benefit you can have.  

Breathing. Thinking. Digesting. Resting. Repairing. And just plain old locomotion are dependent on YOU moving. Not just your arms and legs but moving YOU. All of you. To help make YOU have strong cardio, power. Flexibility, Balance, and improved posture.  

What are YOU working on?