There is a concept that although it has been in the minds of humans since humans became human, it now is gaining traction and momentum. That concept is that Aging should be treated like a disease. And if we, us, you, me, society, treat it like a disease, then the most logical idea for that is to find a cure.  

 Have you been stopped in the middle of your day watching your favorite channel on TV and the screen shows “the following is a paid program and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of this station” and on comes a celebrity who goes to tell you about the latest anti-aging serum? Me too.  But understand that for the VAST majority of anti-aging products, they ARE NOT anti aging, they are super hydrating, or wrinkle repair programs. This is such a tiny aspect of anti aging 

Other programs go on to show you how you can STOP aging with THIS product, or SLOW aging with THAT product. I am ALL for you not only FEELING GREAT, but also MOVING GREAT too. Some of the advertisements discuss age related diseases like cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and a slew of others. But let’s be absolutely real about this – those diseases did not come about ONLY because of your time on Earth – they did not happen only because you are a certain age. They happen because of what you have DONE during that time, to GET to that age. At the end of these same programs there is always a product, and more likely, a new, cutting edge, scientifically proven product, a medicine, that is will slow down your aging.  

And I have to tell you. I aint buyin it.