I understand that there is Aging. But what most people describe as AGING, we in Empire Longevity describe as ‘getting old’. See, everyone is going to AGE, and some of us are going to GROW OLD. Don’t do that second part.  

Just because you have spent time on Earth, that you have LIVED, does NOT mean you HAVE to grow old, you have to become decrepit, and unable to care for yourself, which is how many see AGING.  

What is ironic of the aging process is that we don’t want the physical aches and pains, but we DO want the mental, emotional, and psychological WISDOM that comes with this same time on Earth. Funny in that physically it is bad, mentally/emotionally is desired.  

To actually slow down the aging process would necessitate slowing the meiosis, and mitosis cellular splitting – and I am not so sure we want to head there just yet.  

But we CAN, we CAN fully express hour healthy potential, and fully hit our LONGEVITY potential. THIS is best started decades earlier, but can be worked on daily at any age.  

To reach LONGEVITY we swing the boat around and head it into the right direction – cutting out the bad stuff – and you already know what they are, and making a daily practice of getting better headspace through meditation or prayer; getting physically moving using the 5 Physical Aspects we discuss in Empire Longevity; by making best choices of selecting ROCKET FUEL to nourish you, and to make sure your nervous system is optimized.  

I know this is not sexy. But It is the only way we can truly create great LONGEVITY.