Can’t you just here that young child saying THOSE words at the dinner table after a plate of green vegetables has been placed in front of them? Absolutely!! Maybe at YOUR dinner table. MAYBE. Just maybe by YOU. HA.  

Mine was the cooked spinach Mom would make. Man, I just hated that. A limp, structural less pile of green ooze was all I could see in my mind during those early days of mine. And the taste – well, was there any?  

And now to shoot a couple of decades into my future – I have spinach and greens nearly every day. And love them. Although I don’t buy the frozen spinach like Mom did, I learned from my brother Rick how to cook a bag of fresh spinach down, season it, and IT IS AWESOME.  

Brussell’s sprouts. L.U.V. love them. Asparagus. Love them. I have all of these a number of times a week.  

What is most amazing is that same child from earlier NEVER says ‘I Don’t liiiiike it ‘ to the junk food. They will huff that down and look for more. And then as adults we wonder why we have eating issues and continually go back to the same foods.  

So let’s just be honest here – there are foods that promote your health, and there are foods that don’t. There are foods that promote your inflammation, and ones that don’t. There are foods that will make you unhealthier, uncomfortable, and unable to reach the best you.  

“Yeah, but I don’t like….” is what I can hear YOU saying right now. And you will point out one or two veggies. So here is the key for today – and listen close and write this one down – THERE IS A WHOLE PRODUCE SECTION OF THE GROCERY STORE!! Take the time to learn more about food, veggies, and fruits. Open up YouTube and search for ways to cook that new veggies you are going to try. THIS is exactly the way I learned to cook with different spices during the lockdowns.  

Get out of the rut we call eating and explore more foods, spices, and let your tastebuds roar with excitement. They will be glad you did. When we were in Italy the serving sizes of the dishes we ate were much smaller than the ones we typically get here in the US – but they all seemed to overwhelm us by the smell, sight, texture, tastes, and even sometimes the sounds of the foods. THAT is how we got full – by our senses and not just the sheer volume of the foods.  

Your next goal: discover one new fruit or veggie a week. Learn about it, what makes it so good, and how to cook it. Get the whole family in on it. And I have to tell you – THIS, this will be SOOOO good for you.