If you knew you were going to build a house, would you only bring a really good hammer? And of course that answer is NO. You would bring that really good hammer, a saw of some kind, a couple of screw drivers, a bunch of nails, and on and on. You do that because you know that to build that house you need a number of tools, and there may be one tool that is better than others at a certain function. Like the saw is better at cutting wood than the hammer.  

Your body is much like this. It has a number of tools to detect, combat, and defeat tumors and infections. Your body has had this incredible program in you for ALL of your life. ALL of your life. You were born with this amazing ability to meet, beat, and defeat tumors and infections. And one particular cell, the NK cell, the Natural Killer cell, might be just the biggest baddest big daddy voodoo on the block. Some of your immune cells need a previous exposure to a tumor or virus to then mount an attack. Not the NK cell. It can go after a bad guy right from the get go. See it and smash it. They have an arsenal of weapons at their ready just in case the bug or bad guy tries to change attack plans. Yes, this is what happens. The bad guy tries to hide somewhere or even tries to turn off the signaling your body has when under attack. Pretty friggin genius if you ask me. But even more important is that YOUR body can pick up on that chicanery, recognize what is going on, and STILL kick some butt. THIS is what is SUPPOSED to happen in optimally functioning nervous systems that we talk about in Empire Longevity.  

You never want an army to destroy EVERYTHING – just the bad guys. And like your immune system – you want it to beat the tumor or infection without having to destroy YOU in the process – THAT happens in an optimized nervous system. AND here is the coolest part. You can learn a better immune system. It doesn’t take rocket surgery to do it either – it takes work, it takes time, it takes commitment, and it also takes you NOT doing stuff that would weaken you.  

As Dr. Anthony Fauci said decades ago when we humans faced that new deadly virus HIV, paraphrasing, ‘We have everything we have ever needed to beat it. We need to unlock it and let it due its job”. Yes, you DO have everything you have ever needed to beat the bugs. Now it is time to unlock it and let YOU do the job you were supposed to.