Seemingly there would be no obvious connection between physical health and financial wealth. If we were to scan the numbers of pages on Amazon for the greatest wealth building ideas, concepts, and programs – NONE will discuss your health. Conversely, if we look at the top pages on Amazon for the best physical health building ideas, concepts, and programs – again, NONE will discuss your wealth. For the vast majority of people, the only thing those two words have in common is that they nicely rhyme 

This is where Empire Longevity diverges from the commonality of thought on these two ideas. We think there is a strong connection between the two.  

We all know the stories and tales of the people who put their nose to the grindstone to push harder and more at work, to ultimately find more success which then translates into more money. Along the way they sacrifice the time to be exercising, eating well, sleeping well, in friendly communication with others, and missing out on, well, LIFE.  

The main thrust behind this is that if they make more money they can then enjoy their golden years even more. But reality sets in as more time is spent in doctors’ offices, making trips to the local pharmacy to fill prescriptions, and then, even more doctors’ visits. The average American as of this writing, March of 2021, has a $12,000 health bill due every January if you like it or not based on the monies spent nationally.  Also as of this writing, shows that the average American fills 17 prescriptions a year. That is EVERY American.  

See, we in Empire Longevity do not think your health and your wealth have to be exclusive of each other, nor do you have to sacrifice one for the other. On the contrary, we believe for the most engaging LONGEVITY your wealth and your health are symbiotic – that for you to fully reach your financial goals – you have to be your healthiest. And then give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the spoils of your labor for many years to come.