Let me ask you a question: Which is tougher – LOSING the weight or maintaining that weight once you get there? It is in the LOSING of the weight – those initial physical, mental, and emotional changes that cost so much of your energy. Once you GET there, you have already been there long enough, you have gone through the big physical changes, adapted your mental view of your health, and improved your emotional well-being to see the benefits of these changes.  

Amazingly, no one ever says ‘This will be SO easy’. If it was, then everyone would be in just incredible shape and the term “Life-style induced disease” would not exist. Anywhere. But the reality of it is that the term DOES exist, and it does exist because it describes exactly what has led America to the status of the worldwide leader in self-made ill health.   

So how what do we do to NOT be the poster boys for ill health? It’s not rocket surgery. If I were to ask if you were on your death bed, surrounded by your loved ones, and your grandchild reached out for you hand, looked you in the eyes, and asked you what are the keys for optimal health – what would you say to your grandchild as they looked at you asking for the wisdom that only decades bring?  

You pause for a moment. Take a deep breath. Run through the billions of pages in your head, the millions of sights, sounds, voices, and places.  

You turn your head. Look deep into your grandchild’s eyes and say………. 

(well, then do THAT)