The sheer complexity of the human body is an infinitely delicate dance between your cells, cells that are dotted with your DNA, and the other cells that are not.  

It is estimated that there are some 30 trillion – with a T, that is a 3 with 13 zeros behind it, human cells in your body, and although that number is staggering, and the immense amount continuous coordination, communication, and orchestral conducting of all those cells to make the music that is YOU, it is dwarfed by all the other cells that are NOT you.  

We, you and me, are outnumbered by the estimated 38 trillion, yes a T again, bacteria that inhabit us. And although that seems daunting, it is a mere speck compared to the estimated 380 trillion viruses that not only inhabit us, but ARE us.  

It is easier to understand how the cells that are US can talk with each other in some kind of indigenous language that our DNA transmits wholistically. But what about those OTHER cells that are not us. The bacteria. The viruses.  

We have alien life forms living on us. In us. And make UP us. All the while synchronized in a harmonious symphony. But to be honest, we are outnumbered. WE are the aliens.