Just looking at the recent research into genetics, we see that YOUR health, YOUR longevity, is really only about 20-25% due to genes. That genetically speaking, only a small fraction of your health and longevity potential is hard wired. The rest of it, that 75-80% is YOUR fault.  

AND THAT is absolutely GREAT news! As most people cower to the idea that is not just your genes, many will see that YES, you CAN take steps every day to turn the Titanic away from the icebergs in life, that you CAN take steps today to push your longevity.  

Dr. Dean Ornish showed just THAT with men who were biopsied and diagnosed with prostate cancer. He helped them to turn on healthy genes, and turn off unhealthy genes by movement, rocket fuel, and mental/emotional aspects. Hmmm. Sounds familiar.  

And for all the people who will say ‘well, I know someone who lived to 100 and they smoked and drank every day’, I will show you graveyards of people whose lives were snuffed out at a young age when they followed those actions. 

Here is the best news you will get today: Your Longevity is YOUR Fault. So let’s get moving on it.