To be honest with you, since my team was not in the Super Bowl I had little interest in the game itself. I was much more interested in just one person: Tom Brady, the quaterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, who even before the game started was considered to be the GOAT – the Greatest Of All Time.  

Fascinated by how this person who was making his 10th trip to the championship game actually got there despite being drafted in a late round, not being the fastest, the strongest, or having the best throwing arm.  

What has set Brady apart is his LONGEVITY. Yes, he is a winner, AND he is a winner over a VERY long career. How did he get to this long career? It’s not that he hasn’t had injuries – looking at his stat sheet it is easy to see the hundreds of weeks he has reported an injury to at least one part of his body, if not a number at a time.  

The key to his LONGEVITY is his lifestyle. The foods he eats. The way he exercises and trains. The amount of sleep he gets nightly. And a long list of things he does to keep his body able to work at a peak state for all those years – inspite of the injuries.  

There WILL be other players who will win a number of Championships, but none as many as Brady. To do what Brady has done, those players would have to do what Brady does. In other words, to BEAT the GOAT – you would have to BE the GOAT, and there in lies the big obstacle. No one has wanted to do those things that Brady does. And therefore, they won’t get what Brady has won.