I’m amazed by the conclusions of two studies whose conclusions are almost verbatim, word for word, almost exactly the same.

From the 2001 study:

“Medically supervised water-only fasting appears to be a safe and effective means of normalizing blood pressure. It may assist in motivating health-promoting diet and lifestyle changes.”

Why isn’t this shit all over the place and more docs doing this stuff?

Well, it is gaining more interest.

In past years recommending fasting to patients was considered criminally negligent behavior.

It was outrageous and we’ve gone from being criminal quacks to cutting-edge researchers because now fasting has gained some notoriety.

There’s people like Valter Longo from USC Publishing in a Journal Metabolism, showing that fasting can be effective not only as a free-standing entity and helping the body heal itself, but also in conjunction with conventional therapies like chemotherapy, because it can make cancer cells more vulnerable by creating an event environment that’s not conducive for cancer cells where they require higher glucose utilization.

You go into a ketogenic state where there’s not the glucose available. It makes the cancer cells at a selective disadvantage and therefore more vulnerable to chemotherapy, etc.

It also helps protect healthy cells from the damaging effects of conventional therapy.

Fasting has gone to gain some interest where people feel like, well, maybe this can be used as a helpful way of giving the body a chance to heal itself

We talked about autophagy on here, which is the body’s way of doing the job it’s supposed to do, which is, decrease the opportunity for bad guys to rise and good guys to keep on preferably. Fasting profoundly affects autophagy.

There’s a number of mechanisms that occur in fasting, some of which are rather unique.

If you look at the things that go up when people do fasting, oftentimes they’re very similar to the things that go up or improve when people use exercise.

You might wonder why would fasting, which is done in a resting state and exercise, which is this very vigorous physical activity, have the same biological effects

They both have one thing in common: both fasting and exercise undo the consequences of dietary excess.