I stopped drinking alcohol last year and I went to from one dopamine rush to the second one, which I did not know I was even on until I got to chapter three or four of the book and I started cutting down sugar.

I am the justifier of all justifiers. I was eating the organic stuff. I was eating the vegan stuff and it was all high sugar stuff and I was thinking, “I think I’m doing the best I can,” but I’m substituting one addiction for the other.

I read the book and as I went through, I said, “Son of a bitch, I just exchanged addictions. Talk about the pleasure trip for sure.”

As bad as sugar is, alcohol is actually a bigger short-term problem.

Stepping off the alcohol is the first step getting off the sugar, which is very common craving for people as they quit alcohol.

In fact, a lot of what people really like about alcohol is probably the physiological effect of the sugar in alcohol, it’s also very high sugar.