Syposium 2018

Syposium 2018


Within the hours of just one day you have the opportunity to open up your mind and heart to an even greater experience: YOUR life, and YOUR longevity!!

I am often asked “Why are you doing this symposium”? That is a great question that needs an answer. 

Getting straight to the point: I am tired of my friends and family dying WAY before they have lived. It may be shear selfishness to want everyone I know and love to be around for more living, loving, and laughing. I can’t argue with that. So I have dedicated focus and energy to learn how to push our time together on this planet. But to do any of this living, loving, and laughing the absolute truth is that we HAVE GOT TO BE HEALTHY!! 

YOU. ME. US. We will never reach decades of fulfillment through great memories shared with great loved ones over great experiences unless we are healthy enough to be there. We won’t. There is no magic pill that is locked away in a mad scientist’s vault that says ‘longevity’ on it. 

But there are MANY people who have insights into unique aspects of living that can push US to a greater enjoyment of greater times. THIS is the essences of the Empire Longevity Symposium. 

Longevity is not just about eating pure, healthy, sustainable food; although that has a big part to do with it. Longevity in not just about moving your body on a regular basis; although that has a big part to do with it. Longevity IS about ALL of it. 

It doesn’t matter if you are vegan who is a cross fitter if you live in a toxic swamp. You will never reach longevity. Conversely, it doesn’t matter if you live in pristine nature if you are unable to enjoy it. You will never reach longevity. 

So the Empire Longevity Symposium is set up to bring selected speakers to you that will give you insights into the many facets of longevity. We do have as our keynote the incredible Dr. T. Colin Campbell who will be speaking on a whole food plant based diet, and his ground breaking book ‘The China Study’. What a great way to start!

We also have speakers who will describe longevity as it relates to many other topics, such as:

  • Longevity and Small Communities
  • Longevity and Pets
  • Longevity and the Aging Brain
  • Longevity and Energy
  • Longevity and a Day Without Plastics
  • And other topics

Please join us at our inaugural launch of the Empire Longevity Symposium. We think you will find yourself a little bit better for it. 


Dr. Otto Janke,

Chief Longevity Pilot

Empire Longevity Symposium

Saturday, September 29th, 2018


8:20am-9am:  Registration

9am: Dr. Otto Janke: Opening remarks and the days outlook

9:20: Mariah Beck: “Longevity and a day without plastics”

9:45: Jen Rafferty: “Longevity and Music”

10:15: short break

10:30: Dr. T. Colin Campbell: “Longevity with Nutrition”; The China Study                                                                                                                        

            Dr. Campbell will do a presentation and then be interviewed by Dr. Janke on the China     

            Study, and the superiority of plant-based eating. You will have an opportunity to submit     

            questions at this time. 

12 Noon: Lunch. Catered by Brix Puberia. (the Official Food Sponsor of the Empire Longevity    

                               Symposium – this will be a vegan lunch)

1:00: Barbara Ganzel: “Longevity and the Aging Brain”

1:30: Michael Baldino: “Longevity and Energy”

2:00: break

2:30: Andrew Bashi: “Longevity and Pets”

3:00: Amy DiRenzo: “Longevity and Adventuring”

3:30: Mayor Brian Tobin: “Longevity and Small Communities”

4:00: short break

4:15: Dr. Otto Janke: Symposium look back; “Longevity past Trauma”

5:00: The Empire Longevity Symposium concludes


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Homer Center for the Arts
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