“No wait, you don’t understand: It’s genetic!”

How long I’m going to be around “it’s genetic?” It’s absolutely wrong.

Harvard did a study a short time ago, came out of Harvard University in which they looked at and they asked the question, how much of your health potential is genetic, is made up hardwired in your genes?

I’m going to ask you that same question, how much of your health do you think is actually hardwired, is actually genetic?

Some people say, well, 50% or 75 or 100%? Well, I guess 100%.

I’ve gotten 100%, many, many times as an answer. The answer that Harvard came up with was that it was right around 20% to 25%.

This is absolutely astounding. It’s fantastic and scary all at the same time.

It’s fantastic because if it’s only 25%, that means 75% is what I do and what I can control.

Therefore, I can make better choices to make better days, better choices now, for better days and better years.

It’s also scary because, “Holy crap, it’s my fault.”

My longevity is my fault.

How great is that?

My best years are my fault.

Yes, that’s awesome.