Date: November 22, 2019

Longevity Point: The NEW definition of LONGEVITY

Contributing Author: Dr. Otto Janke


 To search in your local references for a clear perspective on longevity, the most common of definitions found is: “a person’s long life”.

To be vividly honest with you the reader; how incredibly boring and uninspiring can a definition possibly be? One would have to believe that the definition of boring itself is a bit more enticing than the definition of longevity! Why on this green earth would ANYONE want to delve into longevity given no spark, no direction, no action, and only a calendar to be your marker of accomplishment?

At EMPIRE LONGEVITY we have had to become better stewards of our words, better stewards of our future, and ourselves.  So we set forth on new and BETTER definition of longevity that we believe in our hearts can be a beacon for your next best decades.

LONGEVITY, as defined by Empire Longevity, is “The ACT and INTENT of being so healthy, you leave something great behind by what you have done today”.

Even as we are propelled into a new decade, health care is still stuck in antiquated views of what it means to live longer. Many groups will openly advance the dogma of you and I inevitably being less healthy, less well, less mobile, less cognitive, less ALIVE.

We believe this is selling out our futures, minimizing our great potential, and dismissing our innate ability for health, fun, living, and contribution.

EMPIRE LONGEVITY is adamant that our next decades need not be just a pre-death waiting room, but can become our next BEST decades as we have the ability to make a definitive impact in our own lives, our family, our community, and nation.

The firm basis of it all is your health. We, you and I, have to raise our health so that we are able to live more, laugh more, love more, and learn more. All the while we are able to contribute more and make an even bigger impact for positive change that the generations following us are able of benefit from.

We look forward to you joining us, engaging with us, and taking steps forward in your health to make your next decades YOUR next best decades. We look forward to serving you along the way as we will be the leaders in longevity.


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