“What did you learn about working with the general population? What were the eye-opening things that you saw from that?”

Some of the eye-opening things, for one, they need to move a little bit more than they do currently, movement is medicine.

“They need to move a lot more than they do.”

I’m just being modest, but, yeah, we need to embrace and bring on this culture of movement because movement is medicine, essentially.

The more that you move, the stronger that you’re going to be, the more that you’ll be able to do in life.

I found that working with the general pop that kind of speaks to that purpose.

I was able to help them achieve or get those parts of their lives that they’ve lost, being able to do simple things like walking upstairs, bending over to tie their shoes, picking up grandkids, right?

They were able to do that because of the training and the movement that they did, that we did together.