What age does age-friendly start at?

Etkin: It’s a great question.

If you’re asking me, I believe the legal cut-off for old age in most countries is 65.

If you’re asking me, then old age is at least 75 these days, at least if not older than that.

Basically, once people start experiencing reduced vision, reduced hearing, and a little bit of trouble with dexterity, and memory, and just memorizing things, then they start needing more, like, age-friendly stuff and stuff that’s from the usability aspect is designed for their needs.

We have to remember that usability is only one aspect of it.

Usability is like a basic requirement we still have.

On top of that, we still have desirability.

People need to perceive whatever it is you’re offering them as something that will bring value to their life.

I’m not going to just waste their time learning to use new technology only for it to be gathering dust in a drawer somewhere two months later.

Janke: Sure, like a piece of gym equipment.

Etkin: Exactly.

I use all my gym equipment, Otto.

I don’t know about you, but I use every piece of gym equipment that I’ve ever purchased.

Janke: Ever.

Especially ones that are ten years old, and I don’t know what that even means.