Dr. Otto: You went through a massive physical change. I wouldn’t say change. Would you call it a change, an upgrade? What would you call it?

A transformation, as it was, it could not have been easy that whole time.

How did the breathwork affect you? Mel, give us the oversight of what you went through and how you transformed.

Mel: I basically turned from caterpillar to butterfly. I did a bodybuilding journey.

From October 2020 through October 2021, just a couple of weeks ago, I lost 30 pounds, got super strong, and stepped on stage in a bikini.

What I found is that it wasn’t the physicalities, right?

It’s my whole being. I’ve been telling people, it’s like there’s been this fire in me that I see within myself, but there were all these layers and blockages and illusions that I couldn’t let that shine.

It’s basically like we ripped off the armor and the illusions and the layers to fully let that come through.

Now I feel as though my outer appearance, not just physical but my aura, really matches what I’ve felt about myself that I could access.

Change, yes, but it’s like this metamorphosis almost, right?

Like it’s coming from within.

To speak to the breathwork, my bodybuilding coach is also a chiropractor, thank goodness, and he focuses on breath primarily.

There would be times where I was crying. I was emotional. I thought, this f***ing sucks.

My strategy was to think…

“Come back to your breath.

You are safe.

Your body is okay.”

When you exhale, and when you allow yourself to just fully exhale, you’re not only exhaling CO2, but you’re exhaling all the BS that you’ve been carrying for months and years.

It was a game-changer for me when it comes to transforming my body, my mind, and my spirit.