Why in America do we have a stark demarcation over the age of 50?

It seems rather obvious that our health care system says, “You’re on your own there, Johnny.”

A stark, stark demarcation line, boom, that we have 93% of the people who died of Covid over the age of 50.

Again, is this the long-term ramifications of ill-health that was propagated by the ideologies, by philosophies and ideologies, in our health care system to only take care of symptoms and not propagate health and wellness into longevity?

It sure seems like we haven’t.

We’ve left that up to, “Well, you’re on your own on this one.”

We have no game plan.

We have no game plan for people over the age of well, 50, statistically saying, over the age of 50.

For the people who are listening to this and saying, well, it stinks for you people over there, understand you are going to be those people.

You will be in this demographic sooner or later.

You’re going to get here.

I make this statement because I speak with groups in their 30s, 40s, and 50s, and they say, well, it’s bad for you people over there because you’re old people.

If everything goes correctly, you’re going to be in that group also.

What are you doing now to make sure that this doesn’t affect the next virus because there will be the next virus, what are you doing to make sure the next virus does not devastate America as it does now?