“Get UP!” “Get UP!” she was screaming at me like I had totally lost my hearing. I may have, along with my will, my balance, and maybe even some digestive system control during that intense, long, and profusely sweat inducing workout my coach put me through.  

“YOU are telling me you WANT THIS?” was the next line I heard and although they were words and I was supposed to be processing them with my ears and auditory nerves, I FELT them. The words had weight to them. They were heavy.  

My mind rushed back to words that were titanicly heavier: “Without your health, you have nothing”, spoken by a small, frail, woman, in her mid 70s, gasping for a breath, realizing that the end of her life was a flicker away. That woman was my Mom.  

I am not going to yell at you. But I will ask those same questions: You are telling me you WANT this? You WANT more decades of more good days? You want this?  

So then GET UP. GET UP. And NO, don’t show ME you mean it. Show yourself. You are the only one that will make the biggest impact to, and for, you.