Doesn’t it seem like it was easier to have fun as a kid? Going back into the cloudy memory banks of my mind it just seems like I have either filtered out bad stuff, or I just had a lot of fun times as a kid. And I am going to go with the second part.  

As an ‘adult’, and I DO say that with quotes around it as I am not sure I truly fit the definition even at nearly 60 years of age, it feels at time that FUN is just harder to come by. That FUN is not part of my day, and that I have to actually WORK at FUN which kind of defeats the whole purpose of just FUN.  

What is very interesting is that the pandemic gave me an insight into what I LIKED, and what I thought was FUN again. Couldn’t go THERE. Can’t do THAT. Then what DO you like? What CAN you do? 

And I found my FUN place again. And that is with a stereo and albums and albums of music. Some old. Some brand new. But ALL of it is FUN for me. I just like listening to music and it makes me move – sometimes with my hips, sometimes with my heart, and always with my soul.  

And I like it.  

I bought a small turntable and speakers to set up in our back room next to a large rack of albums that  I had not listened to in decades. I have taken a new album each night and have given it a spin. And it is FUN.  

So for me FUN was making things simpler. I get done with my work and chores for the day and pull an album from the rack and give it a listen, and it makes the day a little bit better.  

What do YOU do for FUN? Let’s bring the FUN back. I mean, my dear Lord, why even attempt one step into LONGEVITY without it? And remember, as the holy book writes: every day you shalt have just some friggin fun. Or something like that.