Have you seen your posture? No, not like just looking in the mirror and seeing how you are doing – but really taken a look at how you are built and how you stand up in gravity? 

I use an app in my office to evaluate the posture of every new person who starts with us and you would be amazed at how bad their posture is even though they tell me they were trying to stand at their best upright.  

Take a look at your friends, spouses, kids, and co-workers and see how they stand. An easy way to check them out is from the side, see if their ear lines up with their shoulder, or more precisely their AC joint – that little bump on top of their shoulder. See if they line up.  

For the VAST majority of people, you will see that their ear, their head, is forward of that bump. THIS is the forward head posture you hear people talk about. AND THIS is SO common now it is crazy.  

When I started in practice almost 30 years ago, I could count 2 people in my practice who did this. NOW? Holy guacamole – some experts say 60-90% of people do this. Are you a sloucher? You know – your head goes forward, shoulders rounded, working on that hump on the upper back with your muscles just working overtime? Yeah – this just fatigues your muscles and incredibly stresses your nervous system. We measure that stress in our office and it is amazing to see just how much people deal with and accept every day.  

This posture actually makes you grow old from the INSIDE – yeah, it decays you. And one of the things to help you be around for longer AND better – is healthy posture. Listen, you learn BAD posture by our daily habits, so let’s learn great, healthy posture. The benefits are incredible.