What has become obvious in our health care system in America is the dichotomy of thoughts that surround actually CARING for you and I. The two thoughts are that there should be a focus on treating the symptom that you arrived to the doctor with, and the very much less frequent idea of helping you to be healthier.  

We need firemen as there will always be fires. And if we see the first scenario in the health care paradigms – the one where the focus is on the symptom treatment, well, then essentially, we have great firemen to put the fire out. Again, we NEED firemen, no doubt.  

But who then builds the house to be better once the fire has been extinguished? It is not the job of the firemen – they have done their valiant job already, put the fire out. So who then helps build the house to be better? Well, the answer is – no one. You are kind of left alone on that one. And you CAN NOT go back to what you were doing – you can’t go back to the same things that caused the house to catch fire as that would be idiotic, wouldn’t it? But that is what is exactly done in our health care system. No tools, guides, or maps for the person once the fire has been put out. Nothing.  

So when do the architects come in? When DO we get the opportunity to build the house to be better once the fire has been put out? When do we get the chance to not only build the house to be better, but get to enjoy life while in it? NEVER even talked about, that is never even discussed within our current American health care paradigm.  

In fact, even less so is the idea of actually building the house so well that we are preventing the fire in the first place. What a unique idea THAT would be.   See, we need firemen. But we are in drastic need of architects. Architects of health who will help us to build a beautiful life of long health.