What is the impact you make on the environment? Most of us really have no idea. Yes, try to recycle the plastics, glass, and cans we use. We have gotten away from using plastic bags. And even the dreaded plastic straw has seen its last days.  All in the move to help our environment.  

You may have heard one of the mantras we have in Empire Longevity, that it doesn’t matter if you are a vegan Cross-Fitter, but live in a toxic swamp – you will not make it into LONGEVITY.  

The odorless toxins in the air. The tasteless toxins in our food. The colorless toxins in the ground. My dear lord – it is ALL around us and we don’t know about it. Don’t you question why some companies are even ALLOWED to either MAKE those chemicals, or allowed to USE them? Me too.  

One of the organizations I follow is called Project Drawdown. Not only do they have a pretty neat book that lists like a hundred ways YOU and I can make a positive impact on the environment with what we know and do today, they also break it down for you into areas that you probably wouldn’t think of – like what is the biggest polluter of the ozone – nope, not cars, or even cows, although you being a plant eater in the next years or decades will become even more important, it is actually, by their standards, refrigeration. Yeah I know. It seems that the gases your AC unit gives off has been bad for years. That is the bad news. The great news – we can change that, improve on that. AND the best news – we can make that impact in OUR lifetime. Not like by the year 2222 – no, in less than a decade we can if not start turning the environmental equivalent of the Queen Mary, at least stop if from cruising in the wrong direction. What can YOU do? Let’s find out together. And make an impact.