At the age of 17 a young man leaves his small village at the very top of the Italian mountain range all by himself. He makes his way to the large port city and travels by boat to the promise land. He does not speak the language of this new country and only knows he has a name on a piece of paper that he is to find. As times goes by he makes his way up to a small town in upstate New York, has his trade of tailoring, marries, and has 5 beautiful daughters. One of those daughters marries a dashing young man in the service from a nearby camp.  

They have sons, and one of those sons you are listening to right now.  

When I have times of doubt, hesitancy, or lack of gratitude, I think of that young man who traveled to a new country never seeing his Mother and Father again, how scared, terrified, confused, overwhelmed, and amazed he must have been on any given day, on every given day, and he gave me an opportunity to BE. And I lose the doubt, the hesitancy, and become grateful as to how the universe has conspired to allow me to be here, now.