For our longtime listeners, readers, and followers, you will have heard that term any number of times as I say it when something is easy, or a no-brainer.  

I read just a ton of books, articles, and research and all of this stuff keeps harping back to the idea that we as humans should be living much longer. Not only being ALIVE longer, but able to do more, express more, to be experiencing more, to be LIVING more.  

So then, why aren’t we? Why have we come to the doomly idea that when we hit a certain age – that’s it FOLKS, the show is over – and then we slowly dim the lights on our lives?  

And asking people “How do you WANT to spend the next decades?” – my dear Lord you would have thought I had asked them to literally re-invent the wheel, they get that glassy eyed look on them, and their brain semi freezes. You TELL me you want to do as well as you can, to live the most you can – yet, honestly, we look at the statistics of the average American filling 17 prescriptions a year, our health stats are progressively worse, and I have to say – Not even close.  

If you wanted a road map to follow to the best of your health, and NOT follow how the average American lives, or rather dies, then you have found the right place – Empire Longevity. Yes, we DO do things differently, YES, we do say things differently, YES, we do think things differently – because we HAVE to. The last thing we want if for you to be the average American. We have a road map for your next best decades. This Aint Rocket Surgery. THIS is your longevity. Let’s get to it.