I was just listening to a podcast as the guest went into detail about their latest book on the latest information into LONGEVITY.  

I had to chuckle to myself. I also get a bit pissed.  

Here is the truth: there is NO NEW INFORMATION when it comes to YOUR LONGEVITY. Sorry, but THAT is the sheer truth of it.  

Your LONGEVITY can be measured in different and better ways now with newer technologies that uncover and unlock an ever increasing and detailed view into you. Be in your blood, your cells, your brain, or your nervous system, there are just that many more tools and diagnostics that can be used to get a clear picture of your stresses, health, pathologies, and LONGEVITY. But they take a picture of where you are AT, not how you got there, or what you can do to improve upon the future you.  

As you may have heard me say, “It Ain’t Rocket Surgery!” Meaning that it is not difficult to come up with a LONGEVITY plan for you that can incorporate movement, food, headspace, and your health and dramatically improve your LONGEVITY.  

Now, the most honest truth is that you may not want to do those things to push your time on this planet – I get it, but know, THERE IS a strategy to help your next decades to become your next BEST decades. And it is NOT rocket surgery. It’s the fundamentals: daily motion, rocket fuel, headspace, and to make sure YOU are best connected with YOU – an optimized nervous system.  

To think you are only going to exercise your way into longevity, or only eat a certain way into longevity, and ignore, or not pay enough attention to those other areas in your life is a certain way to NOT make it into longevity.  

Here is the best news you will get today: Your Longevity can be pushed starting today. Starting now. Yes, you will need a game plan, probably a coach, action steps, and enough time to allow yourself to reap the benefits of these actions. It can and does happen daily. Now it is your turn.