The simplicity of eating food that is not only interesting, but full of taste AND can help you to be healthier is a basis of the Empire Longevity Pyramid of Health. Discussed often and mentioned through out Empire Longevity, ROCKET FUEL is not based on eating fads, trends, or the latest weight loss/cleanse program. The ROCKET FUEL portion of Empire Longevity is easy: eat more plants, be it vegetables or fruits, just eat more plants. You may see contributing authors discuss eating animal proteins, but the majority of their dinner plate is plants.

Valter Longo’s book ‘The Longevity Diet’ is plant based. The seminal Mediterranean Diet busted out the idea of the Standard American Diet (SAD) and brought to light eating more plants. From Dan Buettner’s book ‘The Blue Zones’, we see a number of communities worldwide that live well into their 90s and are active physically, mentally, and socially. The commonality of their dinner plate is having the vast majority of it filled with plants.

Cornell University professor Dr. T. Colin Campbell was the keynote speaker for the inaugural Empire Longevity Symposium. His book ‘The China Study’ set a whole new tone on the idea of how people can live longer, and better. His talk was simple: eat plants. ‘The China Study’ is a recommended read.

Then there is the work done by Dr. Dean Ornish. His work is claimed to scientifically be proven to reverse heart disease. The number 2 killer of Americans, heart disease can be reversed by what you eat. With nearly 650,000 Americans, nearly 1 in 4, dying of cardiovascular disease, why would changing what is on your plate NOT want to be investigated? You are going to spend money and time on food, so why not make that food like ROCKET FUEL for you?

It is understandable that some people want to eat what they have always eaten. Right up to that first trip to the emergency room, bypass surgery, and months of cardiac rehabilitation, with the comments by your doctor that you may want to change your diet. If they do not give you a plan, then they have set you out on the ocean again without even a life raft. Going back to your old lifestyle will lead to the same outcome. It always does. 

“Yeah, but I like my (fill in the blank) to eat”. Again, understandable that some food has become a common practice for you, and in some, an addiction. That whole aisle in the grocery store dedicated to soda and chips should be massively taxed and minimized.

We can do that dance over and over again. But if there was a plan for eating that could prevent and reverse the number 2 killer of Americans, then we all need to take a deeper look into it and make at least some changes towards it.

We will be taking MANY deep dives into this subject. We hope you jump on board. Eat like a peasant, and live like a king.

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