Working With Older Adults

Many people don’t want to work with older people, without realizing that we are all going to be those people sooner or later.

We are going to hit a certain age at a certain time.

What, over the next ten years, do you think could be happening in this arena?

Well, obviously, we have a major caregiving crisis.

We have more and more older adults that live longer and need more assistance with activities of daily living as they grow older.

However, we have fewer and fewer younger people to care for all of these older people because we don’t have so many babies as we used to.

There is a caregiving crisis currently going on, and people don’t realize it until their parents or their grandparents need care, and they find out that it’s not so easy to get care for your parents, to care for your parents by yourself or with your siblings or even to find paid help.

That’s going to become increasingly challenging as time goes by.

That is like a huge opportunity.

We also have a really interesting opportunity around finances, making people’s wealth-span match their lifespan. It’s not so trivial.

Many people who are retiring today simply don’t have enough money saved to last them for 20 or 30 years.

We have a lot of opportunity around that not around like  making the money that they do have last longer, but also new models for working a Giga economy for all adults and people can get to have a third career and reinvent themselves at 65.

People still have a lot of skills and experience and they don’t necessarily want to work full time, but they do want to continue working.

We, as a society, don’t provide these opportunities today.

There’s a lot to be done, but those are the two major ones that I feel are probably the most urgent.

There is a lot of room for creative solutions.

I’ve said for years, for the last number of years that if you want to make absolute gobs of money in America to open adult daycare centers, because the number of people who are going to need that assistance and the tech is tremendous.