Janke: You spoke for us in 2018, and you had a slide, which I took a picture of, of just a small part of the number of chemical reactions that go on during digestion.

You pointed out, you had your laser, and you pointed out this one right here.

That was the one for cholesterol, and you said that is the one where the medication is going to go and stop the cholesterol, interrupt the cholesterol, while we’re missing all these thousands of other reactions
going on at one time.

You said the idiocy of thinking you could change your whole possible, of that one reaction there when we’ve got these other thousands going on at the same time, that was a lightbulb going off in my head at that time.

I went like this, we’ve got this so stupidly wrong.

It’s incredible.

Campbell: Fantastic.

You just said that so well.

I’m happy you picked up on that.